Sunday, 30 October 2016

How To Enable Developer Options On Android Device

Enable Developer Options Android

How To Enable Developer Options On Android Device

If you want to control bit more of your Android device however aren't certain where to begin, may we recommend looking at Android's built-in Developer Options?

How about we rapidly take a gander at how to enable Developer Options, then we'll backtrack and examine why precisely you would need to enable these new features and what you can do with this newly discovered power. Don't forget that every Android OS version has layout so you must neek to concentrate to successfully enable of Developer Options.

1. First, open up your Settings app.

2. Scroll all the way down to find “About phone” (or “About phone / About Device / About Tablet”.

3. Scroll down again and find the entry with the Build number.

4.Start and keep tapping on the “Build number option”, Android will now pop up a message informing you that in x amount of clicks you will become a Developer. Keep tapping until the process is complete.

5. With that out of the way, head on back to the main Settings menu and you will now see “Developer options” listed. For me it was the second last entry.

Here is complete video guide:

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