Sunday, 28 September 2014

Google Drive File 404 Error Solved

Toady i am going to tell you something that i have learn form my own experience how to temporary solve Google Drive File 404 Error

 Google Drive File 404 Showing Error Solved

After applying all procedure form this post "How to Share Google Drive Files" you are getting this error so take a breath it is a bug and this error reported to Google Drive Team and they working on it or not we don't know about this

Note: After altering the shared link and you trying demo that link is working or not so don't try on same web browser there you are logged in it will show that the link is working and you are getting to the download page but if you you open the link on an other web browser there you are not logged in the link won't it will get you to the "Not Found 404" page it happened to me that is why i know about it. So before sharing link try demo on another web browser there you are not logged in with same Google id.

I also have solved my problem with Winrar (Try This First)

1. Create archive of file with Winrar that you want to upload it will work 100%

1. You are getting this page instead of download page this is not your mistake so don't worry go a head

Google Drive File 404 Showing

2. So throwing this problem away Right click on file that you want to make downloadable and make of copy of this file
Google Drive File Copy

 3. After copied this file just apply above mentioned points 1 through 6  it will become downloadable
Google Drive File Copy Created

Now this file is available for download see yourself copy and paste this link and the result will be different

If you want to share of Google Drive File so please head to this post "How to Share Google Drive Files"

If this not work try following solution

General Google Apps Errors

These are general application errors (referenced from this Google support page); see later in this article for errors specific to file syncing.

Error: ‘An unknown issue occurred and Google Drive needs to quit’
Solution: sign in/out and then try accessing your files again.

Error: ‘Temporary Error (502)’: a long way to say try accessing your files again in a few minutes;
Solution: After that time, click on a different section of Google Drive to refresh the files (e.g. “All Items”).

Error: ‘Your Google Drive folder is missing’: the Google Drive app uses a specific folder on your computer; this error occurs when you move, rename or delete that folder.
Solution: Click ‘Locate Folder’ when prompted if you moved/renamed the folder; if you deleted the folder, disconnect from Google Drive; you’ll be prompted to choose a new folder when you sign in again.

Error: ‘The Google Drive server encountered an error’: this means the app is unable to connect to Google’s servers
Solution: Click to retry connecting when prompted.

Error: Google Drive quits without warning
Solution: You’ll want to update your version of Google Drive if this happens more than once; download it from

File And File Synchronization Errors

All of the general Google Apps errors listed above could occur while synchronizing files; here are some specific to accessing and synchronizing files (referenced from this Google support page):

Error: ‘This file points to an invalid online Google document’
Solution: Hopefully you still have a copy of that file because it’s no longer available in Google Drive. If you still have it, put it in your Google Drive folder and restart the app.

Error: ‘The file on your computer is missing’: this means the file is missing from the Google Drive folder on your computer; hopefully you still have the file.
Solution: Try restarting the Google Drive app.

Error: Some files fail to sync: the Google Drive app will tell you if it can’t sync files if you click the Google Drive icon and then “View # unsyncable files”
Solution: Click retry. If that doesn’t work, close and restart the Google Drive app.

Tips to Avoid Errors and Data Loss

The suggested remedies for Google Drive errors are for fixing the errors but not recovering your lost data; the unfortunate truth is that it’s often impossible. This is especially true if you were working on something and Google Drive unexpectedly quit. Worse, if you deleted a file or saved unwanted changes, Google Drive synchronizes those changes – that’s why it’s not a substitute for a real cloud-to-cloud backup. Follow these tips to help keep your data safe:

Save your data frequently

If you open up a file to make changes, first make a copy so you can go back to the original if need be

Always keep a secure backup of your data in a separate location

If this works for you so please leave a comment :)


  1. It's working thanks for the useful post I have tried the first one trick After creating archive with Winrar link is work perfectly again thanks for your help :)

    1. We are happy to find this that your problem has been solved via our research thanks for feed back please share this post

  2. A clone file working perfectly and the Winrar trick as well thanks for your concern about this error

    1. Thanks for your positive feedback :)

  3. Thanks for the 404 Error work-around. It worked for me too. Perhaps Google will get around to fixing it one of these days.

    1. Capn Eddie Ricketyback 404 error reported to Google Drive Staff, now we have to wait for permanent solution thanks for your positive comment mate

  4. what browser used ? i don't see Make a copy menu

    1. Dear mate I haven't faced any kind of trouble using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome this method is working on both browsers

  5. Hi! I don't get the "Make a copy" option when I try to download the file in my browser - google chrome. I've tried in safari too, and I still can't make a copy. Any solutions?

    1. Right click on your drive file and send me a scree shot I will help ASAP

  6. Great soln, worked for me , but when rename it back to orgnal file name or anyother name then again shows 404, anyway thanx for soln :)

  7. I thought it was impossible to find a solution for this problem. Thanks a lot :)

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  9. Making a rar file is pointless if the original file is a video, and you want to host it on anther site. Plus making a copy doesn't work either. I can download the file whilst logged in but not when logged out, and neither can anyone else download it either!!!

    1. Check comments copying method is working perfectly and I have also tries this one

  10. God Bless you! Saved my day.

  11. The "Make a copy" method only works for a few hours. After the video is processed, the error shows again. Wonder why google isn't doing anything about this...

  12. Hi... can u show me the guide step by step? i duno how to do it..