Thursday, 10 April 2014

Blogger Sitemap Generator

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Its truly simple to take in this lovely dynamic scripting language. Wordpress framework and all its plugins are assemble utilizing PHP. Its an open source language and you don't have to purchase any permit to run it on your web servers. I utilized essential restrictive articulations to make this widget work. I am eager to present this cool new apparatus solely to all Tricks Solution book lovers. If its not too much trouble observe it first.


How to use it?

The user interface is extremely easy to understand. I have mentioned all details. All you need to do is to submit your blog URL and total number of posts that you have published so far.
sitemap generator widget
  • Your blog URL must end with a forward slash. For example:
Correct URL

Incorrect URL
Reason: No forward slash at the end.

  • To find total number of your posts go to your blogger dashboard and you will be able to find the numeric post count just below your blog title.
Blogger Inteface
  • Type both URL and Post count inside the text boxes and click the submit button.
  • The page will load and will generate sitemap link extensions along with Ping links in accordance with the total number of posts your blog has.
  • To learn how to submit your blog links to Yahoo and Bing and at the same time ping then please read Submit sitemap to Yahoo and Bing without errors
  • To ping Bing click the links one by one and if you had submitted all data correctly then you will see this message on the screen. "Thanks for submitting your sitemap.
  • Credit goes to

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