Thursday, 26 February 2015

How To Create Facebook App

How To Create Facebook App

How To Create Facebook App

How To Create Facebook App juts easy please follow the following instruction step. Create Facebook app in few easy step with screen shots. Creating Facebook App you will get App ID and App Secret ID both useful in many ways.

Getting Started guides are designed to provide new developers with all of the tools necessary to begin building an app on Facebook. Building on the Facebook Platform doesn't require special or deep programming skills, though basic website building skills are recommended.
Just follow these steps:

Visit Facebook Developers: and sign in with your Facebook account.

Click »Apps« > »Create a New App«

Facebook Create App

Choose your desired platform, I select advance setup

Facebook Advance Setup

Enter a »Name« Namespace(optional)« choose a »Category« and click » Create App«

Facebook App Name

At the top of the apps overview page you'll see your »App ID« and »App Secret«.
Copy the »App ID« and »App Secret« values and enter them in the respective fields

Facebook API

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