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How To Easily Increase Adsense CPC

Google AdSense is the best way to earn online, there is lots of people who are earning money through Google AdSense using their blogs, Websites, video channels etc.

But the main problem and the most asked question from online earners is “How to increase CPC” or “How to increase AdSense Earning”.

How To Easily Increase Adsense CPC

CPC means Cost per Click before I talk about how to increase CPC let me tell you how does it works.

Google AdWords allow advertisers to set bit rate on their adds, suppose I have set 1$ per click on my adds and you are the publisher when visitor come to your website and click on my add which is posted by Google AdSense then you can get 1$ on one click.

So what we going to do we will block those ads which have low CPC rate and this is legal Google AdSense allow us to do that so in this Tutorial I will teach you how we can increase AdSense CPC to boost our earning follow below all steps.

1 ) The tool which you need to install is made by Google and it can be downloaded from Chrome App Store, Open Google Chrome and go to App store and search for “AdSense Publisher Tool bar”.
Google Publisher Toolbar

2) After successfully install AdSense Publisher Tool bar now you need to login your Google account which is associated with Google AdSense.

3) Now we have done the configuration of our Tool bar and we are ready to find low CPC Ads, Open your website where you placed ads on, Now when you hover on Google ads you will notice the cover will appears and trust me now you can click on your ads is it amazing but the bad thing is Google will not pay for these clicks, Now copy the name or destination URL of the ad.

Google Adsense
Google Publisher Toolbar

Google Publisher Toolbar

4) Now open in new tab and past the copied name or destination URL of the add and hit enter now keywordspy will tell us what is the CPC of that ad.

5) After complete scan of keywordspy the following tabs will appear Overview, Ads and others you need to click on Ads tab and in this tab you will find CPC column like the image shown below.

Low Adsense CPC

6) if you find low CPC ad then go back to your site and click on that ad again, when the popup appears you will find AdSense creative heading in it right bottom that box you will find block this ad button click on it and the ad will be blocked on your site and you will never see it again.

How to Block Low CPC Ads

I hope using this trick you will increase your Google AdSense revenue and earn some good money.
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Post credit goes to:  UrduTuts

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